Shaw网络限时优惠 | 以低廉的价格享受快速稳定的网速

Business Internet 25 计划,最先进的网络提供最快的速度,保证你的企业顺畅运行。让你以低廉的价格享受快速稳定的网速,加速企业发展。
  • 企业重要文件通过邮件迅速送达,网络传送或下载也能够瞬间完成。
  • 提供灵活的计划,方便你根据企业需求制定调整到你的预期目标。
  • 我们的商业互联网计划提供无限流量,确保你能够安心完成线上业务,无需担心超额费用。
  • 当经营一家线上商店时,配备安全摄像头或一个私人网络,让你全心专注业务。
  • Fibre+是Shaw Business在全国范围内的混合光纤同轴网络,让我们速度最快、最可靠的网络遍布加拿大西部更多的地方。
  • 我们超快的光纤网速和遍布各地的网络将为你的企业提供可靠的网络连接,满足一切所需。

(Business Internet 25)

签订2年合约, $55/月


Offer expires   April 30, 2021 and is subject to change without notice. Offers are available   to new customers only on a two-year commitment. New customers must not have   subscribed to the applicable Shaw Business product(s) within the last 60   days. Prices shown do not include tax or installation fees. Regular rates   apply after promotional period and are subject to change. Not all Shaw   services are available in all regions. The equipment you rent or purchase may   be new or refurbished. Rental equipment must be returned to Shaw if any of   your services are cancelled. You may not resell any Shaw services. All Shaw   services are subject to our Joint Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and   Acceptable Use policies.